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Andrew Michael Meador (pronounced "Medder") is a musician, producer, and songwriter in Chattanooga, TN. From jazz and electronic to indie and alternative, he draws upon an eclectic library of personal tastes when forming his music.

AMM has a diverse musical background ripe with creativity and expression. He first learned music theory in jazz band through playing trumpet. He then became infatuated with the bass guitar and taught himself by locking himself in his room one weekend in eighth grade and learning every song on the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Californication album.

He began college double majoring in French and biophysics with the goal of moving to France and becoming a university professor, but in his junior year he travelled to Jamaica and began playing guitar and writing music. Coming home from that trip and making the decision to stay in the US, he graduated from Purdue University with an interdisciplinary degree in Chemistry & Physics and was involved in nanotechnology and restriction enzyme research.

The entangling passions of music and science emerge every time he steps into the recording studio. Whether as a session musician or producer, his knowledge of audio engineering and physics always seems to come in handy. When he isn't creating and producing in his own studio, Selfless, he volunteers with Dynamo Studios (click for link) at the Chattanooga Public Library teaching digital music, beat-making, and audio recording.

Beyond all of this, he considers himself a life-long learner and enjoys ornithology, cooking, skateboarding, spending time with his wife, and is almost always interested in a conversation on egalitarianism, bioethics, your favorite animal, or the amorphous state of the music industry.